Trane: America’s Trusted HVAC Brand

As a proud Trane dealer, we only offer the highest-quality systems to our clients.

Air Conditioners

Don’t waste time battling the heat all summer. Trane’s award-winning AC technology offers:

  • Reduced noise
  • Leading reliability
  • Best-in-class temperature control
  • Minimal energy usage (and low electric bills)


There’s a perfect furnace for every home—and Trane will help you find yours. Get the right balance of:

  • Consistent warmth
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Affordability

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer a heating solution for homes with no access to natural gas. Heat pumps move hot air either outside or inside, depending on the season—which means you get:

  • Air conditioning when it’s hot
  • Heat when it’s cold
  • Unprecedented flexibility

Geothermal Systems

Trane’s industry-leading geothermal systems warm your home by tapping into temperatures beneath the earth’s surface. This results in:

  • Limitless supply of heat
  • Top-quality comfort
  • Increased energy savings
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Air Quality Solutions

The quality of your indoor air is just as important as its temperature—don’t skimp on the details. Use a Trane solution to:

  • Remove dust and other allergens from the air
  • Ensure the right amount of moisture in your home year-round
  • Reduce your risk of inhaling germs from transmissible viruses

Air Handlers

Want better air circulation? Trane will help you maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system with air handling units that can:

  • Pair seamlessly with air conditioners or heat pumps
  • Circulate cool or warm air to every corner of your home
  • Make your air safer


Trane evaporator coils are designed specifically to work in tandem with your Trane outdoor condensing unit and furnace. They are carefully matched to ensure:

  • Optimal comfort and efficiency
  • Superior humidity control
  • Maximum reliability


Today’s thermostats don’t just manage heating and cooling—they can be central technology hubs for your home. Thermostats have the ability to:

  • Adjust temperature and humidity levels
  • Turn lights off and on
  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Check security cameras

Trane is our go-to partner for meeting all your heating and cooling needs.

Find the right system for your home by discussing all of the options with our team.