Geothermal HVAC Systems: Go Green to Save Green

Are you searching for ways to save money? A geothermal HVAC unit is the perfect solution—for both your budget and the environment. Going green with a geothermal unit is cost-effective and energy-efficient.

How do geothermal HVAC units work?
There are a few types of systems, including vertical loop, horizontal loop, open loop, and pond loop. These names describe how the loops (system of piping that carries your fresh and ventilated heat/air) will be placed underground. Your geothermal pump will be positioned in the ground where the temperature is consistently around 55°F and tap into the renewable solar energy stored there. It will exchange heat with the earth instead of the atmosphere above ground—so on a hot summer day, your geothermal system will take air and begin cooling it from the earth. A conventional HVAC unit would take in the above-ground air and cool it from its extremely high temperatures. That process takes much longer, which means you and your wallet are stuck sweating.

Am I actually benefitting the environment?
Installing a single geothermal unit is equivalent to planting 750 trees—or removing two cars from the road forever! These units are so efficient because the underground loop system eliminates the need to burn fossil fuels (the leading cause for acid rain and air pollution).

Why should I install a geothermal unit this spring?
April showers bring May flowers! That means the springtime ground is fertile and in the perfect condition to install your unit hassle-free.

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