Solar Power: Roof Panels or Ground Panels?

Solar power continues to expand both nationally and internationally. The concept is simple: Harness sunlight to create usable energy. Solar panels convert the sun’s photons into heating and/or electricity—and lower utility costs in the process.

Going green has never been more opportune. But before you sell all of your vehicles, give up electricity, and move to a meadow, try solar panels first.

Panels can be installed in one of two locations: roof or ground. Which is right for your needs? Let’s take a look at each:

Roof Panels
If land is limited, roof installation is ideal, particularly if your roof has ample space. Mounted on top of the building, panels never get in the way of parking or recreational areas. They typically blend into the outdoor context well and can even act as a protective layer for your roof against the elements.

Since large shadows hinder sunlight absorption, higher panels can harness more power. South-facing roof panels will yield optimal results. Plus, the elevation may decrease the likelihood of vandalism.

Ground Panels
If your roof is too small, or is regularly in the shade, ground installation may be perfect for you. Ground-mounted panels allow you to select the exact location, ensuring it meets your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Ground installation also gives you the chance to adjust the angle of the panels to maximize energy production—not to mention, snow and debris removal from the panels is much easier on the ground than the roof.

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